To promote professionalism in the purchasing and supply discipline.

     Vision & Mission 

The Institute of Purchasing & Supply of Hong Kong ( IPSHK ) was first established in 1973 and was incorporated as a Limited by Guarantee (under Company Ordinance Cap. 32) in February 1996. The aim, objective and activities of the Institute are to promote professionalism in the purchasing and supply discipline through exchange among members and with relevant local and international organizations. The IPSHK is a member association of the International Federation of Purchasing & Supply Management (IFPSM), registered in Switzerland, which consists of 43 professional purchasing associations in 39 countries.

Membership of the Institute is classified into Fellows, Members, Associate Members, Affiliate Members and Student Members. The minimum educational requirements for Associate Membership and Membership of the Institute are accredited Associate Degree and Degree in Purchasing/Supply/Logistics Management respectively. The Institute will ensure that all members possess the appropriate professional experience and maintain a high standard of integrity. The Institute also recruits companies as Corporate Members who are willing to sponsor the Institute's activities.

The IPSHK organizes educational and professional programmes for its members, including training, conferences, seminars, company visits and study tour from time to time. The Institute is governed by a Council, comprising 12 members elected at General Meetings. It also has a President, and four Vice-presidents who give advice to the Council on strategic issues regarding the Institute's development.

At present, IPSHK receives about 1300 Individual Members composed by Professionals and Practitioners from various Industries as well as Academic fields involved in Purchasing, Supply and Logistics-related Sectors.

IPSHK represents the interests of those involved in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management functions and offering excellent opportunities for networking with Industries. IPSHK was also appointed by the HKSAR Government as one of 40 members in the Hong Kong Logistics Develaopment Council (LOGSCOUNCIL) in late 2000.